Meritocracy doesn't work

You are a hard worker, but performance is only 10% of your professional success. If you don't work on the remaining 90%, you could be missing out on promotions, awards, salary increases and on incredible opportunities.

Do you feel:

  • That you’re a top-performer, but you’re not getting the recognition you deserve and people less-qualified are getting promoted faster than you

  • Overwhelmed at work, that your colleagues just dump tasks on you, you’re the go-to person for everything (because your are that good!)

  • That "fair" doesn't work anymore, otherwise you would have been promoted already

  • Confused about what a personal brand is, how to start one and why you need it

  • Lost on how to present yourself to people or tell your “story” 

You are in control

It's up to you to advocate for yourself and drive your career. It's up to you to show the impact of your hard work. And you can do it.

What you will learn:

Your future self will thank you for starting this transformation

  • Recognize your value to the company and learn how to communicate it

  • Get visibility inside your organization and increase your chances of getting promoted

  • Communicate your worth to your leadership and peers

  • Build a strategic network of allies inside of your company and beyond it

  • Create a personal brand that will open doors for you and bring you opportunities you’ve never thought of

Course Curriculum

    1. Intro and what to expect

    1. Recognizing your value

    2. Communicating your value

    3. Recognizing the decision makers

    4. Competence vs. Warmth

    5. Being mindful and intentional

    1. Benefits of an intentional personal brand

    2. Foundations of a personal brand

    1. The concept of your future self

    2. A letter from your future self

    3. Summary of your future brand

    1. Non-promotable tasks

    2. Non-promotable task audit

    3. On-brand tasks

Course Curriculum

  • $87.00
  • 34 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content

Ready to invest in your career?

Past student testimonials

“The amount of value I got from my investment is fantastic. Masha is super knowledgeable and engaging and provided me exercises to reflect on my goals and strategically plan how to further my career.”

Sofia Traba Mendez

“Signing up to these courses was the best decision I made. The exercises are practical and so well thought out that when you finish them you will be blown by the revelations you have figured out about yourself. The motivational boost I needed to chase my goals.”

Vivian Smiari

“Masha is masterful at teaching fellow ambitious women how to not only dream big but how to ACTUALLY make those dreams a reality. Her strategies are next level, helping to dig deep within yourself to pull out the underlying beliefs that are holding you back from living your best life, and guiding you on how to overcome them. ”

Nicole George

About Masha

Masha Zvereva

I’m an entrepreneur, speaker, career coach, personal branding expert, content creator, ex-Googler and an advocate for women in the workplace. I have learned how to advocate for myself in all types of environments: startup, corporate, a university and as a small business owner. I've also reinvented my own personal brand at least 6 times to this date. In some instances I was more strategic and intentional than others. I've made mistakes, I've noticed patterns. I've studied literature and I've developed a framework that works. I want to share it with you and help you be more strategic in your career.

It's time to learn how to advocate for yourself and build a personal brand that will open doors for you, bringing you opportunities you’ve never thought of.

It’s a good fit if you are:

  • Ambitious and hardworking

  • Ready to get the recognition you deserve

  • Excited to put in the work

  • Ready to communicate your achievements to others and build an intentional personal brand

  • Want to achieve great things and unlock incredible opportunities.

  • Looking for tools that will help you in your career for years to come

This program is NOT for you if you DON'T:

  • Want to grow your career

  • Believe in working SMARTER rather than harder

  • Want to invest in your growth or put in the work

  • Want to communicate your value to the world

  • Like getting the recognition that you DESERVE for your hard work

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